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Discover the Benefits of Using BPExp Today

Effortless BP Logging and Instant Feedback

Forget about the clutter and limitations of paper records. Input your blood pressure manually, or sync automatically from any BP monitor compatible with Apple Health. Get instant feedback on whether your blood pressure is low, normal, or high, according to the 2023 ESH, 2017 ACA/AHA guidelines, or based on your personalized blood pressure thresholds.

Access and Insights, Anytime, Anywhere

Keep track of your blood pressure with ease using the BPExp app. Your health information is always at hand, presented in clear charts and graphs that make understanding your health journey simple and straightforward.

Convenient Data Export and Sharing

Effortlessly share your blood pressure records with your healthcare provider by exporting them in convenient formats like PDF and CSV. Need a hard copy? Print your report directly from the app with just a few taps.

Features Our Users Love the Most

Automatic Data Sync

Sync with external blood pressure monitors for automatic data entry through Apple Health.

Flexible blood pressure limits

Select predefined standards such as 2017 AHA/ACC or 2023 ESH or enter your own limits for low, normal, and high blood pressure.

Customizable Labels for Readings

Categorize blood pressure readings using predefined labels (like ‘Before Medication’, ‘After Exercise’, etc.) or create your own labels for more personalized tracking.

Fully Customizable Reading Cards

Choose what information is shown, such as date, blood pressure classification, tag, measurement place, measurement position, etc.

Historical Data Tracking

Visualization of blood pressure trends over time through graphs and charts.

Reminders and Alerts

Set up reminders to take blood pressure readings or medications at specific times.

Data Export and Sharing

Export data in various formats (PDF, CSV, etc.) and share with healthcare providers.

Customizable User Profile

Personalized settings for multiple users, allowing families to track blood pressure collectively.

Secure Offline Data Storage

Your data is stored directly on your phone, ensuring maximum privacy and security. Only you have access to your health information.

Ready to Take Control of Your Blood Pressure?

Download the app for free now and start your journey to better cardiovascular health.

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What Our Users Have to Say

“This app has been a game-changer for managing my hypertension. The ability to share reports directly with my doctor is incredibly useful.”



“Really like this app – it’s convenient and reliable for keeping track of my blood pressure. Easy to use too.”



“Great app, simple to use. Exporting my readings is straightforward. Makes tracking bp much easier.”



“Just set up the app and it’s already making my life easier. The custom labels are perfect for tracking my post-exercise readings.”



“The interface is so intuitive. Logging readings is quick and easy, and reviewing my history is a breeze.”



“This app isn’t just a logging tool; it’s helped me make sense of my readings and take proactive steps towards better heart health.”



Comparing Us with Other Blood Pressure Apps

Feature/CriteriaBPExpHearty ProCardio Journal
Manual Data Entry
Automatic Data Sync
Customizable reminders
Data Export
Customizable PDF Reports
Flexible classification ranges
Multi-User Support
PlatformiOS & AndroidiOS OnlyiOS & Android
PriceFree / PremiumPremiumFree

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Available on iOS and Android

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How to Use the Blood Pressure App?

Step 1: Download and install mobile app

Find our bp app by searching ‘BPExp’ on the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Simply hit ‘Install’ and let the app download and install onto your smartphone seamlessly.

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Step 2: Log your first BP measurements

Begin logging your blood pressure by tapping the ‘+’ button to enter details manually, or enable Apple Health integration in the settings to automatically sync your readings.

Step 3: Gain immediate insights into your BP

Instantly access detailed analyses and trends of your blood pressure, and easily share these insights with your doctor.

Enrich your BP Monitor Experience

BPExp app is designed to sync with any blood pressure monitor that has connectivity to Apple Health. For instance, the data synchronization process with an Omron blood pressure monitor on an iOS device is illustrated below. However, the specific data transfer process may vary based on your device.

Illustration showing sync process of a bp app and monitor

Digital BP Monitors that Support Apple Health

Brand nameModel(s)
OmronOmron Silver Wireless(HEM-7320) (BP5250)
CompleteTM Wireless (HEM-7311) (BP7900)
Gold Upper Arm(HEM-7311) (BP5350)
10 Series® Wireless(HEM-7320) (BP7450)
7 Series® Wireless(HEM-7320) (BP7350)
5 Series® Wireless(HEM-7311) (BP7250)
Platinum Upper Arm(HEM-7311) (BP5450)
BP6350 (HEM-6232T)
Evolv® Wireless Upper Arm BloodPressure Monitor (BP7000)
Blood Pressure Monitor(HEM-9200T)
Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor(HEM-9210T)
HeartGuide™ (HEM-6410T-ZM) (BP8000-M)
Gold Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (HEM-6232T) (BP4350)
A&D MedicalULTRA CONNECT Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-1200BLE)
Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-651BLE)
Hillrom-Welch AllynWelch Allyn Home® Blood Pressure Monitor, 1700 Series(H-BP100SBP)
ForaCareFora TN’G BP (P80)
MicrolifeWatchBP Home A BT (BP3MX1-3C)
WalgreensWalgreens Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (WGNBPA-240BT)
WithingsBPM Connect (WPM05)
BPM Connect Pro (WPM06)
DarioSmart Monitor (Cellular) (1168-05)
EquateEquate Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 4000 Series (UA-4000WM)
Equate Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 6000 Series Wireless (UA-6000BLEWM)
Equate 8000 Series Premium Upper Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor (WMTBPA-240BT/WMTBPA-240BTD)
Homedics700 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with 5-Day Trend (BPA-100TRBT)
900 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Irregular Heartbeat + Advanced Detection (BPA-100AHBT-WT)

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Information

Privacy Policy

At BPExp, we deeply value your privacy and the security of your personal information. Our app is designed to comply with all relevant privacy laws and regulations. We ensure that your data is encrypted, securely stored, and never shared without your explicit consent. For more detailed information, please read our full Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use

By using BPExp, you agree to our Terms of Use. These terms outline the proper and acceptable use of our app, your rights as a user, and our obligations as a service provider. We encourage you to review these terms carefully to understand your rights and responsibilities. Access the full Terms of Use here.


We’re here to help! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need assistance with BPExp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach our support team at [email protected].

BPExp Blood Pressure App

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